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Our books are once again open and ready to receive new members, read on for more information.


In other news we have now moved home and can be found at:


IQ Games Centre

Byram Street



From 7pm on the first Thursday of each month (unless otherwise stated). Please note that unfortunately access for people with mobility issues is very restrictive.




Call for New Members 


So you've been to a couple of meetings and enjoyed and want to do more. Or perhaps you've never been but keep hearing about all of the fun we have and want to find out for yourself.


We welcome guests at anytime of year. Just get in touch via the contact page and we'll tell you what to do next. If you want to stop being a guest and start being a member then here is the good news, between October and March you can do just that but get in quick because places are limited. 


At just £37.50 for up to 15 months (subs due every January) it really does represent terrific value and we have some terribly interesting and exciting events and activities in store.



Our ethos

Founded in October 2010, we are now a group of 70+ members (more and more new Tarts pop out of the woodwork every month). Every age, shape and level of exuberance is represented. So whether you are confident in new surroundings or an honest to goodness wallflower, please don't let another month go past before coming and joining us.


We have a team of lovely welcomers who will guide you through your first meeting, show you where to get a cuppa and introduce you to your new Tea & Tarts WI friends.


We meet on the first Thursday of every month at the IQ Games Centre. Please do check our What's On page first.


In addition to our regular Tea & Tarts monthly meeting we have many nights out, days away and afternoon get togethers. There is sure to be something to suit you. Follow us on Facebook for all the latest.


Check out photos from some of our events, meetings and activities in our gallery.


Here is Original Lemony for those who still love her...



This is Centenary Lemony, designed for us by the

talented Joe Snow.



Our new home - IQ Games Centre.


Evolutionary Biologist and author of "Creation" spoke to our Talkclub in February 2014. Expect more exciting, thought provoking and challenging speakers in the future.


Members demonstrating their love for the work of author Charlaine Harris. Photo by Karl Baird Photograph


 Tea & Tarts WI, Greenhead Park Hamper Hullabaloo

Members and guests having a ball at our 2nd birthday party in October 2012.


 We like to make delicious things, and eat and drink them too.


Fencing, because fencing is cool.